The story so far

Humble beginnings

It all began simply enough as a delivery mission from Absalom. Zar’lara’vrea Desplyl, Theus Sameil and Rainheart were hired by baroness Miriam Undercroft to deliver a small, unassuming black box to a dwarven retainer of hers in Katapesh. A modest sum of money was promised on delivery, after which they would receive more instructions from the dwarf. Journey to Katapesh was supposed to be easy too. A relatively short route well traveled, protected from pirates, made on a sturdy galleon specifically outfitted for the journey ahead.

Things rarely go as planned however. A sudden and fierce storm of clearly magical and necromantic power caused the ship to capsize, and with the travelers now seaborne yet without a ship, they had no hope but wait for rescue. Or their seemingly inevitable demise.

Help arrived however, in the form of a patrol vessel from the nearby land of Geb. The skeletal crew and the ships necromancer captain gave cause for alarm amongst the travelers, as it was a show of necromantic force that sank their ship in the first place. Their fears proved false in the end, as the captain and his crew delivered the travellers to a safe harbour at the grand city of Mechitar.

While the travellers were waiting with the captain at the harbormasters building, the captain was suddenly struck down by an assassins dart, a weapon favored by the lich kings personal cadre of assassins, a purple feathered dart that turned to smoke soon after striking down the seemingly innocent captain. The travellers gave pursuit to the assailant over the rooftops of Mechitar, yet lost the trail after some time. Realizing now that they would likely be consider spies and murderers by the authorities, considering that the only person that could verify their story was now dead and in a location they seemed to have fled, they decided to flee the city and continue their journey.


The story so far

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