Better part of valor

The travellers were now in an unfriendly city, most likely hounded by the undead guards of the lich king of Nex. Seeing no choice but to run, they sought to use the timing of the events to their advantage. After all, it was not long since the murder, surely word had not yet reached all in the city and they would be able to leave through the gates if they hurried.

Arriving to the grand gates of Mechitar proved them wrong, as the skeletal guards were already hard at work, making sure no-one left the city.

Deciding to seek their luck elsewhere, the travellers headed for the dockside, hoping to find someone that could smuggle them out of the city. Arrival to the dockside happened in the rapidly darkening night, and after many a careful query the travellers were directed to a local tavern, to meet a half-orc that might be capable of helping them.

A heated discussion ensued, not helped by the hotblooded words of Zar’lara’vrea and the apparent contempt the half-orc held towards the group. A fight broke out, which could have ended badly, had Rainhearts quick action not been able to incapacitate the half-orc, and force his compliance.

The half-orc instructed the group to contact a certain ghoul lord, one of the undead nobles of Nex, as he was a political rival of the lich king, and should be able to help the travellers leave the city.

Discreetly making their way to the noble districts, the group managed indeed to contact the undead lord and secure for themselves a safe place in his manor. Somewhat surprised by the civility of the carrion eating undead lord, the players found themselves fed and equipped for the journey ahead. Enquiring the ghoul lords reasons for this, they received but a simple answer, he had his reasons.

Nevertheless, the ghoul lord kept his promise, and discreetly smuggle the group out of the city during the following night. From there on out they would be on their own, however.

Not wasting time, the travellers feld quickly from the city, heading southward, cross the field of maidens. For days the travellers ran, moving at night and hiding during day, until finally a sudden force knocked Theus to the ground, as for some unexplained reason, two people burst out from his backpack.

Utterly unexpected


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