The Geas from Absolom

And everyone lived happily ever after (click here)
Except the minstrels.

But everyone else got plenty of XP and loot!

Just so you know...
...the story so far.

I started to write down the story. Will continue at some time. Definitely will perhaps finish at some point or the other possibly. Find it at the front page. Also here: The story so far

Onto the Caravan and beyond
Journey there and somewhere

We discovered the great desert of Nex Zar’lara’vrea Desplyl
Theus Sameil

Good news everyone! We didn’t die, yet! Magic flew all around, everywhere it went. What a great day it was.

Welcome to die!
Super meaningful subtitle

Good news, everyone! We’re suddenly not in prison and in a mino I mean miner camp!

Suddenly everyone or at least few revived and continued to adventure till the very end!

And then everyone died and no one lived happily ever after.

Good news, everyone! We’re back in prison!

Good news, everyone! We’re stranded in the ocean on a rowboat and no food!

Sidenote: Good news, everyone! We started another campaign! Because you were missing, you slackers.

Good news, everyone! No news at all!

The journey begins for Sistra

On the reef in the middle of the river was standing a halfling and a barbarian. They saw a boat approaching hoping for the rescue. On board they saw a male human looking like a rogue (black elf), one human male, one black male human, one hooded figure and a local man.


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